Specialist Manufacturers of Wedge Wire Screens

Custom built to specification for industries ranging from mining to food production to water treatment

Wedge Wire Industries is  a small privately-owned company based in Tongaat, KwaZulu-Natal. Our customercentric approach gives you the benefit of shorter delivery times without the formalities and red tape experienced when dealing with larger corporates.

Durable Screens for high performance.

Wedge Wire Industries is backed by some of the best engineering minds using the latest technology and manufacturing processes.

Our screens offer optimal filtration with less blinding than other screening media, while still maintaining a strong structural integrity.

We continually upgrades our manufacturing facilities to attain new benchmarks in high screen quality.

Manufactured to meet specific industry demands.

We have in place comprehensive quality assurance protocols to ensure that the parts we ship meet the customer’s specifications and filtration demands. 

Precision Engineering

The unique 'V' shape of the wedge wire, through an extrusion process, allows for a relief angle which limits the amount of blinding and pegging that can occur with other screening media. The wire comes in different profiles with different head width sizes, depths and relief angles respectively to suit customer needs with regards to open area and flow rates.

Quality Assurance

Our screens are a structural integration of surface profiles and supporting profiles, fusion welded at each crossing, leaving the mechanical structure of the raw materials used unchanged. Weld procedures used in the process of fitting our wedge wire screens with flanges, frames, support structures and rings etc. are carefully chosen with attention to detail.


Wedge Wire Industries imports quality stainless profile wire profiles from reputed source in France and Italy in order to ensure a quality product that performs consistently and provides a longer life span.



For coarse coal and fine coal applications.


Vibrating, static and specialised panels.


A curved screen used for dewatering and desludging.


Coarse screens, waterwell screens and juice screens.

Wedge Wire strives to provide excellent quality screens, at a competitive price, no matter the size of your business.

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